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The carrying case is a great accessory and of good quality, it makes the Vankyo stand out a bit from other projectors in this price range. Given that only one HDMI input is 4K/HDCP 2.2 compatible , you might well wonder what to do with the second. I connected an Amazon Fire TV dongle and powered it from the projector’s USB port. Of course, you’re largely limited to watching with compromised sound doing this.

Its brightness compares quite favorably with a number of similarly priced projectors. Again, you have to keep in mind the native resolution for this projector is 800 x 480. The Leisure 3 Mini Projector can be used to play 1080p content, but it will come out looking like 480p content because that’s the native resolution. The PS501X has a throw ratio of 0.61, which allows large images of your golf simulation to be projected in small rooms.

You won’t have to plug-in cables to share your screen – it’ll happen magically over wifi. If you want, you can use the LAN display to connect up to 4 separate computers and display their screens simultaneously.

In terms of the picture, it’s known for its high contrast and smooth projection. It’s not as bright as others on the market; however, this is not important if you plan on using it in the evenings.

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I use a high-end DVD, a separate amp and the full set of surround speakers. In time I’ll upgrade to a 1080 set, but by that time prices will have fallen.

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The fan emits a low hum, which is pretty easy to ignore, but it’s still rather loud. Still, overall, this top-notch device is a great option for someone looking for a versatile, high-end projector.

If I put on a Blu-ray, the image was obviously being downscaled – and as such it lost some of its detail. Nevertheless, it remained perfectly watchable, and the motion was reasonably good too. The Capsule could never be used in a genuine home cinema, but it’s certainly adequate as a portable projector. You are obviously passionate about your dislike of low brightness uniformity, which is fine, but brush off rainbow artifacts as less important. I hate them, I see them when others can’t, and I will not buy a projector that has that flaw.