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Trivia Crack (series) Alternatives

Therewith, you can pick the decade of music and only get the songs within it or try mixed mode. As you play you earn coins that you can spend to unlocked new playlists. This game is not just a regular game show you can think of. This game does everything for you to follow your interests and find the people that can share it with you. Herewith, you can find the quizzes related to your hobbies and stuff you like and follow them. Furthermore, you can make your own original quizzes based on your fandom.

This feature is certainly a boon for many mobile users. Another fantastic trivia app for you to consider in this list of top 15 trivia app of all time. Causals step aside as this trivia app will bust your brains with extremely challenging yet informative quiz questions.

Popcorn Trivia (android, Ios: Free)

As humans, we always want to know everything and improve our knowledge. Trivia Crack is a mobile game that allows us to put our knowledge to the test as we engage other people from all over the world in a battle of knowledge. It is so fast, as you type a list of question will be displayed. Use it when you are clueless as to which is the correct answer or have a hunch that one of the 4 choices is the right answer see more information.

  • Sports themed events can feature stadium foods and sports drinks, for example.
  • Different riddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind.
  • This opponent can rather be a random player or a friend your.
  • This game is not just a regular game show you can think of.
  • The app has everything the TV show has — from audience call to the one million dollar question.
  • Brands can also create their own channels to update you on their new products and give you easy access to them in between rounds, as well as check out their social media networks.

If you prefer a more specialized trivia game, Kingdoms allows you to battle about specific topics, like Breaking Bad or French cuisine. A VIP Machine will be added to allow users to obtain the cards they may be missing from exclusive collections so that they can complete their albums. Additionally, a new Trading Card Kiosk will be included in the game in order for users to trade their repeated cards for gems. Players will be able to access it through the Machine Room. Both proposals are ideal for adults and children to play together as a family this holiday season. The new versions will be available during Christmas Eve and New Year.